Medical tourism/Travel Insurance

Medical tourism is an aspect of tourism not limited to tourists comfort alone but also their well being. It is fast growing and evolving with the Asian continent standing-out traditionally as a choice destination for such practice.

Many in the US go to Europe and Asia for Medical tourism not because medical facilities/services in North America are not top notch but because of the need to save every hard earned dollar. In Africa, many would rather do their Medical tourism in Asia, US, Middle east and Europe because of the excellent Medical facilities in these continents.
Thousands in Africa go to India, the Philippines, South Africa, Cuba and Costa rica for Medical tourism because of the Cheap but standard Medical services carried out there.

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It is for those reasons as stated above we at Mykelitetravels have decided to set up another page on our Website to help you fast track your Medical tourism anywhere globally.

At the moment, we are concentrating on Medical tourism in Asia and Middle east with other destinations coming soon.
Do let us know should you want your medical tourism outside these regions.


We are excited and equally glad to partner with some of the best health care facilities in Malaysia. You will not only get the desired Medical care in Malaysia but also save lots of money for the service.


Mykelitetravels partners with the best of best Hospitals in the UAE for you to get excellent Medical tourism packages. Most 5 star Medical facilities in the US, Canada, UK and Germany have annexes in the UAE because of Emirates favourable tax policies and relative ease in securing the UAE visas.
So a patient in UAE with guidance from Mykelitetravels obtains the same standard of Medical care there as if in America or Europe but at a cheaper and affordable cost.


Israel or land of Medical miracles is gradually becoming world number one choice destination for Medical tourism. World number one choice because of modern Medical facilities there and also success stories in Medicine recorded in Israel.
Most Americans, Europeans and Australians visit Israel for Medical tourism not only due to standard of Medical facilities there in and cost but also because of the fact that most successful medical practitioners in these regions are of Jewish origin.


Out Patient appointment (specialist, Consultant)
In Patient (Admission)
Medevac requests,
General Checkup (IV Therapy, Vitamin Therapy, etc)
Home/Hotel visit
Ambulance service
Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy)
Nuclear Medicine
Ambulance services
Surgery. Plastic, Bariatric, Neuro, Cardiac etc..
Addiction treatment
Surgery. Plastic, Bariatric, Neuro, Cardiac, Liver or Kidney transplant etc..
Second opinion consultations
Rejuvination and detoxification treatments


– Visa invitation letter

-Providing you with an Information Pack containing details of your treatment booking, CV of the surgeon, pictures of the hospital, and a guide to having treatment abroad

– Correspondence with the doctor who will be consulting or treating you

– Airport pick-up and transfer to the hospital

– Providing a support line for friends and family back home

– Optional sight-seeing tours, Flight travel and Travel insurance


Kindly fill out our Medical tourism request form below and send back to in order to give a more accurate quote.


Registration and facilitation: 15, 000 NGN

Do get across should you have any question regarding our Medical tourism packages.

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