We are strictly into the business of travels, holidays, vacations and adding values into the world of all our clients. All started with just running around making bookings for clients but grew to surpass that to different tour packages all around the world.
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Qatar Airways - World's 5-star airline

www.Mykelitetravels.com is an online travel portal where you can find Cheap flights and tours, Hotel reservations globally, host your websites, Shop online, Request travel ins. and Visas advise/guidance.
Our partnering advertisers include: Airfrance world wide, Swiss air international, Skytours; Sweden, Cheapostay; US,Virgin atlantic; U.K, Ba; UK, Hotel combined; US, Blue host; US(Be seen on google!) Twitter; US and Adynamo; S.A.. Many more still knocking.

Book Online Safely and Securely: As always, your security and privacy are of the highest importance to us and are backed by our Shop Safe Guarantee and Privacy Policy. We do not sell your personal information and have no intention of doing so in the future.

You really need to click through to take advantage of this unique site. Spread the news and be a user of Mykelitetravels.com! Please note that we dont give any incentive for our site usage but if you contact our advertisers directly and they do, it is fine by us.
Partners are always welcome. Mail: mike@mykelitetravels.com stating your website name and how you intend to partner with us.

This travel portal is all idea of Michael E. who has over 7 years global experience in travel industry and also a full time business contract with all advertisers displayed on site pages.

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